RVG Menon residence

This high end home package has been connected to most components and can be used to power fans, lights, televisions and even a frontage and on a sunny day can deliver up to 5 units of electrical energy Components include:

  • Solar panel 1000 watts
  • 2000va sine wave inverter
  • Intelligent power management system switching MPPY solar charge controller
  • Battery 150 Ah tubular 4 members
Value: RVG Memon is generating between 2.5 – 5 units of energy daily in all weather, was fully set up within 1 month and has publically stated that a tipping point has been reached in the affordability of solar.

Arya Central School

Challenge – Power failures during teaching time. High energy bills and no practical means of teaching students about Renewable energy.

solar Root cause – Almost daily power cuts. Students have little practical knowledge about solar or wind energy generation.

Intervention - Installed 1 KW solar power plant powering 17 computers in the school computer lab. Installed a wind solar hybrid demonstration model for popularization of these technologies among students conversion as existiy UPS to Solar Power is another success story at the school. The team also installed 7.5 KW solar plant in the school.

Value - Arys Central school became the first school to introduce a wind solar model project in the State and the Solar power plant started giving 4 units of energy daily ensuring that children are feee to utilize computers uninterrupted.

Kanthari International campus

Challenge – Unstable GRID supply and high monthly energy costs.
Intervention – installed 2 KW solar power plant in the campus, as well as multiple solar/LED street lights and a biogas plant
Value – over 40% of Kanthari’s total energy requirement is met by solar, solar/LED street lights function completely independently and the biogas system provides cooking gas for the kitchen.

Chalai Shop

This 600W system was installed in june 2010. Previously they had been suffering from power cuts and high energy costs with a high commercial tariff.
Value – KSEB energy bills reduced to on fifth + zero power failures.

NABARD Solar Street Lights

TGCi implemented 3-4 street lights at the NABARAD hostel and these lamps have sealed batteries, which means zero maintenance. The wall-mounted solar lamps have a backup of about 16 hours. This means that energy for burning the street lamps continuously for 16 hours is available, but what is actually needed is for less that 12 hours. The lamps switch on around 6.45 pm these days and remain lit till the next morning.
"I would say that the cost factor should not deter anyone at all, especially when you think of it on a long-term basis. This has no recurring costs and it does not require any maintenance at all" said NABARD Trivandrum General Manager K N Jnanendra.