Our vision is to grow as a socially conscious residential solar business, starting with a pilot project in Kerala, and then extending to other states in India. Building on patent published technology, customers will enjoy reduced energy bills, energy security in the face of almost certain energy price increases and a seamless energy experience. In essence our customers will save money and benefit the environment at the same time as significantly reducing the likelihood of power cuts. At the same time we envision significant benefits for regional and local governments and state electricity companies in all states, through supporting the growth of a renewable energy model. As well as taking load and capacity requirements off the grid, peak hour energy rates will be significantly reduced through supportly the growth of a renewable energy model.

Megabyte Technologies is one among the front runners in UPS and Inverter manufacturers in Kerala. From 2002 onwards as a part of our policy we are researching and developing Eco- friendly machines - Wind and Solar. We have developed clean technology products which gives trouble free experience and economic benefit to the customers.


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